Login Access Assistance

Guest ID Login (including password reset link)

  • Request Guest Account

    If none of the conditions below apply, you can still get access to the Ability training system. 

    Request Guest Access (see restrictions below). 

  • Click System Access

    If you also need to login to Click to create or edit a research project application, you will need a NetID account to login.

    The department you are affiliated with may request a temporary ID (e.g. dept NetID or F000 ID) that you can use for both the Ability training system and Click protocol system.

    See https://netid.msu.edu/other/ for information on department-sponsored ID.

  • CommunityID (previous login)

    If you previously used a CommunityID to access the training system, you will still be able to login with your email address by resetting your password for the new system.

    Guest Login - Your email address is your User Name. Click [Forgot Password] link.  

    Neither a CommunityID nor GuestID can be used to access Click project approval system. 

  • F000#### Accounts

    These accounts currently must be created manually before you can login.

    Email train@ora.msu.edu or call 517-884-4600 to get get your account set-up. Include your F number, first name, and last name, the MSU unit and/or your supervisor (typically who would be assigning and responsible for your training). 

    The MSU Human Resources feed that creates accounts in the Ability training system does not include F000#### users. Automatic account creation is under development. 

  • Waiting for a NetID

    If you are scheduled to be an MSU student or employee soon, you must wait for their NetID to be activated (see info below). The time may vary from 2 days to 2 weeks.

    Faculty may be able to get the activation process expedited. See https://netid.msu.edu/faculty-staff/pre-on-boarding-for-faculty.pdf

    It is against the law for someone to complete work for MSU without pay unless there is a formal volunteer status (which would make them eligible for a temporary ID). Having multiple login ID also creates confusion and re-work to copy records after the NetID is activated.

  • I still can't login

    Contact the Helpdesk at train@ora.msu.edu or 517-884-4600. If your account was previously inactivated, we may be able to activate your account for login prior to our next MSU feed. And there may be other solutions.

    You may be directed to contact the MSU Identity Office or to reset your NetID to resolve problems with your account.